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Liquid Death

Liquid Death

As the official Headline Partner for Download and one of the fastest growing non-alcoholic beverage brands of all time, Liquid Death is excited to #MurderYourThirst this festival season!

Liquid Death takes the healthiest thing you can drink and packages it into infinitely recyclable tallboy cans that can actually compete with the fun marketing of unhealthy brands across energy drinks, beer, and junk food. A portion of Liquid Death’s proceeds goes to nonprofits who are helping to fight plastic pollution and bringing clean drinking water to those in need. For more information Liquid Death, please visit


Barclaycard – Official Payment Partner of Liquid Death presents Download Festival.

Your Barclaycard is your pass to hottest entertainment perks – save 10% on drinks* onsite when you show and pay with your Barclaycard. *T&Cs apply.

Find out more at: Barclaycard Entertainment.



Nohrlund is excited to serve award winning cocktails at Liquid Death presents Download. The bartenders behind the brand have meticulously developed a range of cocktails from fresh organic ingredients and premium spirits – all premixed so you can spend less time queuing at the bar and more time dancing like there’s no tomorrow. Cheers to creating memories together!



Co-op is excited to be back at Liquid Death presents Download Festival for a fifth year! Find all the essentials including water, beers, snacks and banging tunes at their store on-site. And, as ever, Co-op members save more – download the Co-op App and become a Member today.

Pepsi Max

As an official & long running partner of Liquid Death presents Download Festival, Pepsi Max is turning up the volume on enjoyment! Join us this summer to celebrate your passion for music in the best way possible. We are here to craft unexpected and unrivalled moments of enjoyment for those who are Thirsty For More from life! PepsiMax: Maximum Taste, no sugar.

Big Green Coach

Big Green Coach

Travel greener, safer and cheaper with Big Green Coach, the UK’s largest and most sustainable events travel company.

Big Green Coach, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, provides hassle-free carbon-neutral coach returns directly to the festival gates from multiple UK pick up points.

Find out more, view the timetable and secure your seat in advance with the Big Green Payment Plan at

Nordic Spirit

Nordic Spirit

Never miss a moment with Nordic Spirit – the official nicotine pouch partner of Liquid Death presents Download Festival.

Nordic Spirit nicotine pouches are for 18 or over existing adult smokers / vapers or nicotine users.

They are 100% tobacco-free, smoke-free and hands-free, our nicotine pouches provide a convenient new way to enjoy nicotine wherever you are.

Come find us for a unique Nordic Spirit experience and for the opportunity to trial the product.