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Key Info

Where is Download?

Download Festival takes place at the hallowed grounds of rock, Donington Park, next to East Midlands Airport.

Taking place where the three counties of Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire meet, Download Festival has excellent connections by road, rail, bus and plane.

Age Restrictions / Child Tickets

Children under 5 year old (ages 0-4 years) are allowed at Download Festival for free, and do not require a child ticket, but must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult.

5-12 years olds must be accompanied by a ticket holding adult and each child will require a Child Ticket.

13-15 must purchase an adult ticket and also be accompanied by a parent / guardian over 18.

Please note:

  • Download Festival will contain acts unsuitable for children
  • Parents may be asked to provide ID with proof of age if the child appears to be over 12 but holding a Child Ticket.
  • Those aged 16 or over can attend alone.
  • We do not accept any parental or supervisory duty of care or liability for any under 18’s on site.

Valid ID

At times you may be required to show a valid form of ID whilst at Download; where we also operate a Challenge 21 Policy on-site at our bars and cigarette stalls. We accept the following types of ID:

  • A Passport (Not a photocopy)
  • Full Driving Licence or Provisional Licence
  • A Proof of Age Card bearing a PASS hologram
  • A Ministry of Defence identity card
  • A National identity card issued by an EU member state


Medical Services

There are first aid and welfare tent facilities available throughout the duration of the festival.