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Read up on all the essential info for Download Festival 2018 covering everything from tickets to travel and much more!

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Ticket Info

Box Office Opening Times

Wed 8am – Midnight

Thurs 8am – Midnight

Fri 8am – Midnight

Sat 9am – 10pm

Sun 9am – 10pm

Festival Map

Plan your weekend or day at #DL2018 with our Festival Map featuring the arena, campsite, car parks and site entrances.

View the map below or download a PDF version.

Festival Map

Unauthorised Ticket Agents and Ticket Touting

If you see tickets advertised anywhere other than official outlets you stand a good chance of getting ripped off. This is because the terms and conditions of sale and entry state that tickets are non-transferable, which means that once purchased you can’t sell them on to others for profit. If you do buy from an unauthorised source you stand a good chance of being refused entry. Festival Republic will be unable to assist you if you have bought from an unauthorised source, as we will have no purchase history available for the ticket.

All event tickets are checked by our staff at entry to the event and again at the wristband exchange for camping shows – any forged tickets will be confiscated from you, you will not be permitted to the event and you may face questioning from the police. To be as safe as you can and to avoid obtaining a suspect ticket, follow these simple guidelines:

Do not buy from an unofficial ticket agent – see our list of authorised agents below.

  • Do not buy from internet auction sites.
  • Do not buy a ticket online without seeing its face value.
  • Do not pay more than the authorised standard booking fee per ticket. These are displayed on the authorised sites.
  • If you live in the UK do not buy from a website with an overseas office address or with no registered address shown.
  • Do not buy from another individual or tout, either in advance in your home town, or outside the event If you ignore these pointers you are likely to pay a lot of money for something worthless as your ticket will be invalid.

Read here for more information on unauthorised ticketing.

Motorcycle parking

If you are bringing a motorcycle, you’ll need to purchase a pass for parking. The bike park is located on the hard standing area in the West Car Park. One pass provides access to parking for one motorcycle for the duration of the event.

Standard Advance Purchase Motorcycle Parking pass: £11.00

On Day Motorcycle Parking pass: £15.00

(subject to change – this will be updated closer to the event)

Shipping Details and Terms & Conditions:

If you have purchased a Car or Motorcycle parking pass in advance, you will be sent this with your event tickets no later than 7 days prior to the event. Parking passes are non-refundable. Parking passes cannot be exchanged for cash or resold.

The Dog Pack Ambassador Programme

The Dog Pack ambassador programme launched in 2014 as a way to say thanks to our loyal and deserving fans.

It’s an opportunity for you to bring your friends to Download 2018 and get rewarded for doing so!

By joining the Dog Pack and selling tickets to your friends you’ll be able to earn the following rewards:

•Download Tickets

•Merchandise credit

•Side of Stage access for an artist for you and a friend (headliners not included)

How Does the Programme Work?

You’ll earn points for every ticket that you sell to your friends. You can then use these points to redeem rewards in a shop within your ambassador

dashboard. The more points you earn the more rewards you can earn.

How do I make sales?

1. Click on ‘start selling’ from your ambassador account

2. Select a ticket type and the number of tickets you want to sell to your friend

3.Enter your friend’s name, email address and phone number to send them an invitation to buy a ticket from you

Want to join the Dog Pack? Sign up here

Already a member: Sign in here

Download Festival Loyalty Scheme FAQs

The Download 2018 Loyalty Scheme has now closed. All applicants before the 31st March  deadline have been sent a result email to confirm if they’ve been accepted or rejected.

All those who received rejection emails, and then either correctly re-submitted or updated their profile, will have been sent another result email. If you have not received a result email, assume your re-submitted application was incorrect and rejected.

What is the Download Festival 2018 Loyalty Scheme and how does it work? ​

Year after year Download is an unforgettable experience, and we couldn’t do it without you, the fans. As a thank you and to honour the incredible Download family (the most loyal of all festival fans), we introduced a scheme that rewards this.

If you’ve been to Download once and are coming back for the whole weekend in 2018, you’ll be able to apply for a £20 voucher. 2 previous weekend visits plus this year will get you a £30 voucher, 3 previous years and this year qualify for a £40 voucher, and 4 previous times, or more, plus this year will get you a £50 voucher. See the breakdown below:

Attended once + Attending in 2018 = £20
Attended twice + Attending in 2018 = £30
Attended three times + Attending in 2018 = £40
Attended four times of more + Attending in 2018 = £50

1 + 2018 = £20

2 + 2018= £30

3 + 2018 = £40

4 + 2018 = £50

Important dates:

Applications open 00:01 on 19th Feb 2018.

Applications close 23:59 on 31st March 2018.

Decisions communicated via email on 16th April 2018.

No more Loyalty enquiries will be accepted after 1st May 2018. All decisions are final.

I’ve been accepted previously; do I need to apply again?

No, all successful applicants from last year were automatically enrolled in this year’s Loyalty Scheme and emailed with instructions.

Can I use my Download 2018 ticket in this scheme?

Yes. If you haven’t yet, get your 2018 weekend tickets here.

Who is eligible to apply?

We accept applicants who went to Download for the full weekend. Unfortunately no day tickets will be honoured.

For example, if you’ve been to Download 4 times, from which one of the years was a day visit, you’ll only be able to apply for a £30 voucher as your day ticket won’t be accepted.

Can my teenage child also apply?

Our ticket prices are based on age tiers. We only accept Loyalty applications made for Fully Priced Adult Weekend Tickets (13 years old and above). Please refer to our Ticket Terms and Conditions.

Can Carers and PAs apply?

We only accept applications made by fully paying Adult Weekend (aged 13+) customers (3 or 5 days).

My tickets to Download were a gift. Can I still apply for Loyalty vouchers?

Yes. If your tickets were a gift, you’ll need to provide the main booker’s account information on your application. Please check that the main booker is satisfied with you providing this information.

Unfortunately we can’t accept competition or promoter gift tickets as those don’t fall under Accepted category, please see above.

I can’t find the necessary reference numbers, or don’t have them anymore. What do I do next?

You’ll need to contact the ticket agent you booked your tickets with. Please allow extra time for communication with your ticket agent as the deadline won’t be extended.

If you bought your tickets in the box office onsite, or in a ticket shop, drop us an email on [email protected] and we’ll advise you further. Please allow time for us to get back to you and for yourself to fill in the necessary fields before the deadline.

For what period of time can I make my application?

Due to data privacy laws we, and ticket agents we work with, are only allowed keep customer information for up to 7 years. Please don’t make any claims for 2011 or prior years.

We booked our tickets as a group of 6. Will each of us be able to receive a voucher?

Yes. Every person needs to apply separately providing the main booker’s account information outlined on the form, but the email address you use always has to be yours. The same applies for applications made with a friend/partner/family member. We need this information to confirm authenticity of your application.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to process any joint group bookings or applications made for more than 6 people.

My email address has been used and I’m unable to submit my application.

In the event your email address has been used, try searching for a confirmation email in your inbox. Our confirmation emails include a copy of details entered in the application and will help determine whether someone else used it by mistake. In case someone else used your email address to benefit from this year’s Loyalty scheme, contact us immediately at [email protected]

I submitted my application but haven’t received the confirmation email.

Please check your Junk/Spam folders and give it a couple of days to arrive. Your inbox might be full or your email host’s spam filters are taking longer to decide whether to pass it to your inbox.

In rare cases, this means you didn’t submit the form correctly. In that case, please go back and apply again making sure you click ‘Submit’ button on the last page of the form.

I made a mistake on my application. Can you change it for me?

Unfortunately we are unable to amend any personal information on the form or add any information to your application.

How do I claim my voucher?

Simply show your barcode at the Loyalty booth at the festival; either on your smart phone, tablet or printed out. Make sure you bring photo ID with you to claim your voucher.

If your phone screen is cracked, please have a printed copy of your voucher in case our scanners can’t pick up the code.

I don’t have a printer. Can you scan my barcode on my phone?

Yes, we can scan your barcode straight from your phone. Make sure it is charged and screen isn’t cracked!

What types of ID will you accept?

We will accept the following ID: EU Passport (photocopies are accepted), Full or provisional photo card driving licence issued by the DVLA (any photo card driving licences issued between 1998 and 2007 will need a second from of ID), Citizen Card, Validate_UK, Valid UK card bearing PASS hologram, PASS card, Military ID.

What if my name has changed?

In the event your name has changed, please state that on page 1 of your application and provide us with your previous name. Your current name has to match the name on your ID in order to collect your vouchers.

Can someone I know collect my vouchers for?

We need to check your ID against your barcode in order to issue your vouchers, grab a drink and join the line!

Where and when can I collect my £20/£30/£40/£50 vouchers?

You can collect your vouchers at the Download Loyalty Collection – close to the main gate. The collection point will be open as soon as the Arena opens until 7pm on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the festival. They will cease being accepted as tender when the Arena closes on Sunday evening.

What can I use my vouchers for?

Vouchers can only be used in the Arena. You can use your vouchers on Official Download merchandise stands in the Arena, selected food vendors in the Arena and selected Bars and Stands serving alcohol in the Arena. No change is given, vouchers are in multiples of £5. E.g. If an item is £9 and you have £10 to spend, you’ll lose the £1 difference, it will not be given in change. OR, if the item is £6 you’ll need to top up by £1 if you have, for example, one £5 voucher to use. The £2 cup deposit scheme is not included and you must pay for this with cash.

I’m not coming to Download 2018 anymore. Can I give my voucher to a friend?

Vouchers are non-transferrable and must be claimed by the individual who applied for them.

What if I have unspent vouchers from Download 2017? Can I use them this year?

As stated in our Voucher Terms and Conditions, those vouchers are non-transferable and expired as tender when the Arena closed on Sunday evening 11 June 2017.

What if I don’t spend all my vouchers at Download 2018. Can I use them at Download 2019?

No, they do not roll over each year. Stay tuned for info on the next Loyalty Scheme.

The voucher I received is for a smaller amount I applied for. Will you reconsider?

Resubmissions will be accepted between 5pm on Monday 16 April until 12pm on Monday 23 April 2018.

I applied but I haven’t heard from you. What do I do?

All applications made in full would have received an automatic confirmation email immediately after submitting the form. Check your Junk/Spam folders in the first instance. If you did not receive a confirmation email, get in touch at [email protected] from the email address you made the application from, with your name, ticket agent and your ticket account number. Please note this could be due to a typo in the email address you provided on your application. We will be processing 2018 Loyalty enquiries until 1 May 2018.

I applied with a friend/partner/family member. They were issued a voucher but I’m still waiting.

As stated on the application form, all applications had to be made individually using your own email address. One voucher would be issued per application, only one application per person.

My application was rejected. Why?

This could be for a number of reasons. It is possible that the information you provided did not match information with the Ticket Agent you specified, or that there were discrepancies in any of the information you provided, or reference numbers you entered may have been for Day Tickets and we only accept Weekend Tickets.

Resubmissions will be accepted between 5pm on 16 April to 12pm on 23 April 2018.

Please ensure you have read our Download Loyalty 2018 Voucher Terms and Conditions.



Weekend Camping Tickets

3 or 5 nights camping and entry to all 3 days of the festival. You can choose to camp in the main camping areas, or if you prefer to take a breather come the witching hour, then the Quiet Camping area has a noise curfew at midnight.

  • Weekend 5 Night Camping Adult £185 + BF + P&P
  • Weekend 5 Night Camping Quiet Camping Adult £185 + BF + P&P
  • Weekend 5 Night Camping Child £95 + BF + P&P
  • Weekend 5 Night Camping Quiet Camping Child £95 + BF + P&P
  • Weekend 3 Night Camping Adult £175 + BF + P&P
  • Weekend 3 Night Camping Quiet Camping Adult £175 + BF + P&P
  • Weekend 3 Night Camping Child £90 + BF + P&P
  • Weekend 3 Night Camping Quiet Camping Child £90 + BF + P&P

Loyalty Scheme 2018 T&Cs

The Download 2018 Loyalty Scheme has now closed. All applicants before the 31st March  deadline have been sent a result email to confirm if they’ve been accepted or rejected.

All those who received rejection emails, and then either correctly re-submitted or updated their profile, will have been sent another result email. If you have not received a result email, assume your re-submitted application was incorrect and rejected.

These Terms and conditions (T&Cs) incorporate, and should be read together with Download Loyalty FAQs, Voucher T&Cs, any Vendor’s T&Cs or festival regulations, which you can obtain from the Festival website.

a)      New applications have to be made through our form [hyperlink] in full and in the timeline specified in Our FAQs.

b)      Returning Download Loyalty customers who were successful and redeemed their vouchers onsite should not need to take any action. An email was sent to everyone on Tuesday 20 February 2018 specifying the route of action. If you have not received that email and would like to claim this year, it is your responsibility to get in touch with us.

c)      We only accept fully paying customers who can provide proof of purchase/order outlined in the application form (including reference numbers, booker information and years attended).

d)      We will only accept applications made for full weekend tickets between 2012 and 2018.

e)      All applicants need to adhere to our timeline for making applications and any queries made to Our inbox. These can be found in Our FAQs.

f)       All applications need to be made individually.

g)      We accept child applications providing they are 13 years old and above.

Day Tickets

Day tickets go on sale 9am Monday 9 April

Day Ticket Prices

Friday      £79.50 + BF + P&P
Saturday £92.50 + BF + P&P
Sunday   £79.50 + BF + P&P

Child tickets cost £30 + BF + P&P per day.

Please note there are no camping options for day ticket holders.

Ticket Extras


If you are driving to Download you’ll need to purchase a pass for parking.  One pass provides access to parking for one car. Car parking passes are available to purchase on our Tickets Page.


If you are bringing a motorcycle, you’ll need to purchase a pass for parking. The bike park is located on the hard standing area in the West Car Park. One pass provides access to parking for one motorcycle. Motorcycle Parking passes are available to purchase on our Tickets Page.


Seat of Luxury are high tech, fresh water toilets that include hot water facilities, vanity mirrors, hairdryers and straighteners and attendants who keep the toilets spick and span. Tickets for Seat of Luxury 2018 are available to purchase here.


Lockerhouse will be providing lockers at next year’s festival for our weekend campers. Book your lockers now to avoid disappointment.

Charge Candy

Charge Candy, the biggest festival phone charge company in Europe,  will be exclusively providing portable chargers at Download to keep your phone juiced all weekend long.

You can hire a portable charger and exchange it for a full one every day, so you’ll never be out of charge to take photos of your favourite bands and message your friends.

Visit the Charge Candy website to buy special discounted advance weekend wristbands now.

No Camping Tickets

Entry to the Download Festival Arena, the spiritual home of rock and metal. Access to all stages, food stalls, and an array of attractions. These tickets can be purchased for Weekend Arena or Day Arena access.

VIP Tickets

VIP options for Download Festival 2018 will be on sale soon from our Tickets Page.

Parking Passes

If you are driving to Download you’ll need to purchase a pass for parking.

One pass provides access to parking for one car for the duration of the event.

Standard Advance Purchase Car Park Pass: £20.00

On Day Car parking Pass: £25.00

(subject to change – this will be updated closer to the event)

Terms and Conditions

Please ensure you have read and agree to our terms and conditions before purchasing your tickets.

Loyalty Scheme terms and conditions can be viewed, here.