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Stage: The Avalanche Stage hosted by Kerrang! Radio Day: Saturday Set Time: TBA

Following on from a series of critically celebrated singles that saw them develop a passionate, rampant and devoted fan base in the blink of an eye, the band started work on their debut full length back in February of 2018. Returning to the studio with George Lever who was at the helm of ‘This Is As One’, the band’s split EP with Liverpool’s Loathe, it wouldn’t be completed until August. Off the back of a sudden member change, it was a case of realising that the most beautiful things come from just letting things happen naturally.

“When we first went to record it was with our old guitarists so the dynamic was a little different. I feel like we were ready and impatient to really start this body of work but I think we were maybe running before we could walk so we needed to sit down and take some time. Then unexpectedly, we then spent a long part of this album as a three piece. There were a good few songs written without a guitarist even in the band. Finally finishing this record turned out to be such a heavy experience. There were weeks when I would do absolutely nothing, just read over the lyrics and overthink absolutely everything. It was self-destructive in a way and I knew that I had to sacrifice for it.”