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Make Them Suffer


Location: The Dogtooth Stage Day: Friday Set Time: TBA

Growth, and the desire for eternal forward motion have been the concepts that have defined Make Them Suffer since the very beginning; and have been the foundations that led them from the world’s most remote capital city Perth in Australia, to becoming a household name on stages around the world. As they have traversed previous eras, the five piece have grown through the genres of deathcore, melodic death metal, & heavy metalcore; and as they continue on this path, look to be defined by nothing more than the label ‘creative’. Through ‘Ether’, ’27’, and ‘Hollowed Heart’, the band has worked to shed themselves of the shackles of expectation, and as they look towards the open road that lies ahead of them, the light that guides the way has a name, ‘How To Survive A Funeral’.