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DLXXI Travel Updates

This page will be updated with live travel updates from Tuesday 11th June 2024.

If you’re driving to Download, use the travel guide to plan your route.

12.6 – 6.30pm

Be sure to follow our travel guide (previously sent to all ticket holders) and event signage to go the right car park for your ticket type:

West Car Park = Quiet & Mini Moshers / Motorbike Car Parks and Weekend Guests
North Car Park = Weekend and Eco Camping
South Car Park = Day Tickets and Arena Only Tickets

Currently lots of space in all car parks.

12.6 – 11am

Calling all General/Weekend Campers! Please remember to follow festival signage for WEEKEND CAMPING. PURPLE GATE entrance is ONLY for Accessibility Customers.

12.6 – 9am

The first campers have started arriving ❤️