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Stage: The Avalanche Stage hosted by Kerrang! Radio Day: Saturday Set Time: TBA


Loathe are a sedulous collective of 5, formed in the UK‘s industrial port-city, Liverpool. Their debut record ‘The Cold Sun’ signified a forceful and shrewd testimony. The quintet nailed their colours to the mast with its’ resolute mission statement; an ode to the times we’re living in and the murky future that we all find ourselves faced with.

For ‘The Cold Sun’, Loathe travelled to Glow In The Dark Studios in Atlanta, Georgia to record under the watchful eye of producer Matt McClellan (Underoath, The Devil Wears Prada, Being As An Ocean…). The result was a highly accomplished chronicle, a passionate piece brimming with technical precision, sinister ambiance and bile. Loathe offer a complex sonic architecture weaving together post-punk, hardcore, heavy electronics, djent and deathcore with a side of prog… melding sonic threads into a surreal entity which reels you deep into the abyss.