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Static Images With Metadata


Wooden hut with a green roof situated on grass

Access Camp

Road lined with various temporary buildings and tents, and a grassy area to the right

Access Camp

Green metal cabin on the left, wooden hut on the right

Access Camp

Road edged with red and white, with grassy areas either side

Water Point

Metal water station with lowered taps

Access Camp

Green metal cabin with a black sideless gazebo tent in front of the door

Changing Places

White and blue HGV, with a yellow metal lift into the vehicle

Access Camp

Large white tent with three pinnacles and plastic windows, and five trampers parked in front

Doghouse Stage

Large stage with a metal frame, red signage, and a wooden bench in the foreground

Doghouse Viewing Platform

Square raised platform with a ramp and metal railings, with a portable toilet to the left and a stage to the right in the background

Viewing Platform

Three accessible portable toilets on the left, and a square raised platfrom to the right, with a metal ramp and railings

Access Toilet

Open wheelchair accessible portable toilet with a toilet seat to the left, a baby changing table on the right, and plastic hand rails on the walls

Changing Places

Spacious cabin with a ceramic sink, plastic sanitary bin, hoist, adult changing table, and a plastic toilet

Access Shower

Open portable shower cubicle with a grey shower seat and a white curtain

Access Toilet

Open portable toilet cubicle with a grey seat and black lid

Orange Dave

A white, bearded male with a shaved head, smiling, and wearing an orange high visability jacket

Access Toilets

Diagonal row of nine accessible portable toilets on tarmac

Portable Showers
Side Splitter

Medium sized stage with metal framing with two sets of stacked shipping containers behind, and wooden benches in the foreground


Diagonal row of ten portable toilet cubicles on grass

The Village (South)

Large tarmacked area surrounded by various temporary stalls and tents

The Village (North)

Large tarmacked area surrounded by fairground rides, temporary stalls and tents, and wooden benches


Side view of a very large blue and white tent, on tarmac, surrounded by barriers


Front view of a very large white and blue tent, on tarmac, with large doors and a metal ramp

The Village

Large tarmacked area lined with food stalls on the right

Water Point

Square of raised metal grating surrounded by waist level water taps, with lowered taps at the back, situated on grass

Campervans Pitch

Grass field surrounded by trees and hedges, with gravel tracks